Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Compose for Me

More Creative Commons music at Free PD.

Woofer replacement. Refoaming. Newfoam kits. For when I have time and money to do any of that. In the meantime, I'm thinking gaffer's tape.

I have the worst luck with composers! It looks like I'll be composing at least part of the score to Clonehunter. And Eek! I only have two months to complete the entire picture!

This image is from Rochr (Rudolf Herczog).

The brilliant Ian Hubert breaks down a visual effects shot from his upcoming feature.


Cunningham said...

Gee - this pic could be Ymia's high rise apartment!

Cunningham said...

Building. Apartment..building.

Andrew Bellware said...

I was thinkin' it should be MY apartment building! ;-)

Greg said...

For the score are you looking for something beyond what Garageband Symphony Orchestra can deliver?

Andrew Bellware said...

My first thought was "Ooh, Garageband Symphony Orchestra!" Ha! But yeah, I'd prefer something fancier-pants than that... ;-)