Monday, March 29, 2010

According to my calculations

We've spent $1464.81 on craft services and food on Day 2. I actually don't feel we've done the best job of making sure there's enough food on-set and for lunch. Of course, with boys, you can lay out pretty well any amount of food and they'll eat it. But it's something to be conscious of.

But we did manage to go out to eat a couple of extra times and we had an impromptu little soiree at the end of the last shoot day.

On the other hand, somehow we shot this picture in 10 days out of a scheduled 12. (One of those last days was scheduled "open" because I was afraid of us getting rained out of shots. But another one of the days we didn't shoot was eliminated when we slowly started getting all the shots we needed on other days. Still, I don't recommend the 10-day shoot.) Our first two days were relatively short and we didn't cater a full meal. So we should think that on other movies we'll be spending more.

[Oh, and we're $16.18 over budget on the picture altogether. Man, we'd be under budget if the rubber crowbar had just come in sooner. Or, no, rather if I'd just not ordered a rubber crowbar. That's what I mean. Oh no, wait, I've got it! If David Lee hadn't broken one of the guns we'd still be under - budget! ;-)]

Budgeting for food is always difficult so I want to keep a tally this year of how much we spent because I figure that will help us budget more accurately in the future. In the olden days we used to budget $7 a day per person for food. And somehow the Martian Queen used to get us these amazing meals from local restaurants. I have no idea how she did it. But although you can still get Chinese food specials for under seven bucks, we need to spend more for fruit and soda and seltzer and yoghurt and those yukky chocolate and mint cookies which I hate (and which keeps me from eating them) but that everyone else loves.

Pride and Predator. Yeah, I don't remember where this is from.

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