Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tomorrow. And tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the final day of principal photography on Day 2. And we're going to be outside. And it's going to rain. Whoopie!

That means that I'm working out how to shoot these scenes as one-shot scenes. The thing with rain is that typically it doesn't photograph. But it does dampen the actors. (Oh, and the cameraman.) So you can see the actors getting wetter but can't see the rain making them wet. And then they're mysteriously dry in the scene that follows.

I'm thinking "big umbrellas". (On a real shoot the grips would set up a big sheet of diffusion which would keep the rain off the talent. Like I said, I'm going to figure out how to shoot these scenes in one. Wish me luck.)
BTW, I'm totally not complaining about the weather on this picture. We have been extraordinarily lucky and I'm very happy about it.
Ooh! Update! A potential solve: shooting under the F train at 4th Street and Smith. If it's raining, we go there. It'll be a "covered" set. Get it!? Ha! I slay me.
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