Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Steve, Pulp, and Tiggers

Pictures of Steve McQueen from Joe Gage. Note that if your boss doesn't like looking at pictures of naked men the rest of this blog is not-safe-for-work. Well now that I look again you might see a bit more of ol' Steve than is strictly safe-for-work. But if you're reading this blog you're probably high anyway so you don't care.

Plus, How To Tell If You're Sexually Normal from Mr. Gage. Shockingly safe-for-work pulp images which I'm sure will make Bill Cunningham add a squid to his next pulp adventure.

Here is Tigger doing what Tiggers do best. Operating hydraulic exoskeletons. Yes, it actually gets weirder as you go along. No, it gets weirder than that. Thank you.

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