Thursday, March 04, 2010

Who killed Little Red Riding Hood?

Poor Tina Tanzer lies in a pool of broken desires knocked out by the nanobot onslaught.

Today we shot Tina and Kathleen Kwan, ("Athena" in Solar Vengeance). I don't have any stills of Kathleen though, we'll get some up tomorrow.

Costumes, and consequently our color scheme, are by Virginia Monte. I had this fantasy that "Laura" would be in a red coat and Virginia actually found one -- cheap too! Tina pops out nicely in our otherwise monochrome bluish palate.

It was so freakin' cold out there on the pier. Holy cats. It felt a lot colder because of the wind. But we got some nice shots of Kathleen and Tina looking out at the Statue of Liberty -- which will in turn be on the receiving end of a nanobot invasion.

Am I really going to shoot this whole thing hand held? I might. If you're wondering what a "riding hood" is, Yahoo has all the answers.

(That is just her hair "pooling" near Tina's head.)

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