Saturday, March 06, 2010

If I could only grow a mustache

and we could find that shirt for Lou; we'd get Ethan that hat in a heartbeat.

(You gotta admit, Ginger Baker rocks that shirt and this song.)

Basecamp seems like Google Wave basically. I haven't really used these programs. Maybe Wave would be good for when we make punchlists. We'll find out in a couple months.

And this fake trailer is brilliant. They nail the form. I don't think they quite understand why the form is the way it is though. Typically the title of the picture comes from the dialog, they don't push the title into the dialog. That is, unless you're Pandora Machine. 'Cause uh, yeah we've done that.

And lastly a 1903 version of Alice in Wonderland.

When I say "lastly" I mean... here's a postscript:
Blackstar Amplification makes the HT-5, which is a 5-watt amp (and comes in a head configuration). The heads are in the $1500 range for the Artisan A100. Winfield Amps. Sub-$1000 heads. The Suhr Badger, you're lookin' at the $1700 amp. The Cornell Plexis seem to be in about the $2000 range for a JTM45-ish amp. And, as always, the $400 Mission "Bassman" kit.

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