Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All Full of Praise For Kathleen Kwan

This was the second time Kathleen's worked with us. And this time she got to (briefly) play a human being!

(Then she was mind-controlled by alien robots... again.)

Kathleen is so much fun to work with. And she looks great in a wig. And she did a fantastic cat food commercial! That sort of makes her perfect, doesn't it?

She's a wonderful actor who completely created what the robots do to a person -- the other actors echoed her performance when they went over to the other side too. Before this movie she's played the robot weary of human deceit and wrath in Solar Vengeance. She got to beat up an (invisible to us on the set) robot and then pull a Clint Eastwood off-in-the-sunset ending.

Did I mention she was awesome?

In Day 2 she plays Dr. Maschwitz. She's evil. And then she becomes evil-er.

Bru-ha ha...

Kathleen is also our motion logo. She's Pandora. She opens the box. It has a dual-laser-sighting blaster in it. That's pretty much Pandora Machine for ya.

Actually, she's only part of the motion logo. In a movie where Kathleen is the very next person you see (meaning that she's the first actor you see in scene one -- which, so far, is true in both Solar Vengeance and Day 2) we slip in a closeup of Melissa Riker in the front-title logo.

Kathleen's great. And she has a little baby too!

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