Monday, March 01, 2010

Apparently the job of the director involves reading the script at some point

and although it's 9pm on the night before our first day, I haven't actually read through the scenes and marked up my script yet.

But I did pick up the guns from Brian. They look nice, boy. And we'll have TCD (police) for tomorrow's shoot. And we have, for the first time on a Pandora Machine shoot, an actual company move. Unfortunately, I'm the transportation captain on that move. But that's how it is.
OK, now I've read the scenes. Boy, I would love love love to get this one sequence at magic hour. Magic hour typically lasts about 15 minutes. It doesn't exist at all if there's heavy cloud cover. We kind of need it to be nighttime out but we don't really want it to be night. You know? It's that thing. If we can get exposure on faces without the sky blowing out I'll be happy. If I had any way of metering whether the sky will blow out I'll be happy.

Waterhouse is all up in this blog. I try to keep a Waterhouse as the background on each computer I have. I don't know what Maduka thinks about that.
More guitar amp thingies:

STF kits.
Ampwares has your Fender amp field guide.
Swanson makes custom cabinets.
Triode makes vibro champ kits.
I pointed out before that Doberman makes kits based on the AX84 project.
How to fire up a tube amplifier for the first time.
US Speaker sells Jensen and suchly.
(I'm just going to end up selling a camera and getting a JTM45.)

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Lindsay Stewart said...

The field guide doesn't seem to have my amp. An 82 Concert combo with a single 12". Oh well.