Friday, March 19, 2010

Guitar Friday V

First of all. This cat. What the?

Ethan says to look into a silver-faced Bassman. They're cheap and you can make anything you want out of them. He also points out that some of them even sound good all by their lonesomes.

The Vintage Amps Forum is a forum about... well you know.

Penn Instrument Company builds Weber and Mojo amp kits.

The Bogner Shiva sounds good clean as well as distorted, so Ethan says. The head is $2400.

Ultra Sound is a rehearsal studio and an amp sales place here in New York. I'm gonna have to pay them a visit.

There's the Bruno Cowtipper. Ethan suggested I check it out. $2200 for the head.

Maven Peal makes the "Zeeta", which Ethan likes quite a bit. $2500 for the "Silver" head.

Here's an interesting article about the difference between Blackface and Silverface (Fender) amplifiers.

This article is "pro" silverface amps and tells a bunch about them.

Little Dawg Amps seem to have a good reputation. Their prices are certainly good. The guy there seems really nice.

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