Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Voices in Her Head are the Key

So I'm high on generic Ambien but I have this whole idea worked out where our lead, Tina, hears the voices all the time. Those voices, one way or another, lead her to her decisions.

When she pulls Neil along she stops for a moment. The voices. Give her a headache. But she can also hear where they're coming from. She comes to a corner and looks around to see... The Alpha.

He looks up, surprised (how could someone have been coming and he wouldn't know about them?) He runs away from her. She follows him. He tricks her into an alley with his private goon squad.

Laura hears the goons being told and then repeating 'kill her". Boy, they don't want to do it but they have to just to get that voice, those voices, out of their heads...

This is my director breakthrough before we shoot the third day of shooting. Better than coming up with this just before, oh say, the 11th day of shooting.

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