Sunday, March 07, 2010

Guillaume Seignac

is my homeboy.

I just love how her face is actually flushed from being upside-down. And he knows how to paint feet. Just look at the wrinkle on her ankle. Good hands too. Who doesn't love this?
I spent the weekend doing pre-production for Day 2 and reading and negotiating contracts on Clonehunter. You'd think with this glamorous lifestyle I'd actually be making some money. Let me check. Nope. Nothin' yet.

An interview with George Metropolous.
Ears Boutique is a high end retailer in NYC.
Reinhart Amps.
Barchetta amps.
Stu explains Magic Bullet Mojo. Really it's a bit of a master class in color correction. It's pretty interesting stuff and worth the 17 minutes. Check it out.
The Brownstone Diner and Pancake House in Jersey City, NJ. (Hey -- how'd that get in here.)
It's actually possible to make money with a blog at all?
Cineform has a real-time engine for FCP. I've used it. It seems to work. We throw so many dang effects on our footage that the real-timey-ness of it goes out the window pretty quickly though.
I just ordered Andrew Kramer's Designer Sound FX collection. We're going to use it all over Day 2.
And heck, while I'm at it I'll go ahead and get the Optical Flares bundle.


Kangas said...

waitwaitwait... are you doing preproduction for Day2 when I could have sworn you were out shooting stuff on Day2?

You can't go back in time, bitch. Or, if you can, tell me how.

Andrew Bellware said...

We're shooting 12 days over the course of a month so I've been doing pre-production for Wednesday's upcoming shoot.
I guess by looking at it that way I've also been doing POST production on Day 2 because we're editing at the same time.

Kangas said...

I looked back--"Lessons Learned on Day 2" made me think you had started shooting...a lot of that regarding shooting is in present tense, so I got the impression you were shooting now.

Also, I could have been all coked out the first time I read it. You know.

Andrew Bellware said...

I think I'm the one being confusing. We ARE shooting now. Or, at least, we're in the midst of production. But we have many days off between shoot days. Like today. And so I use those days for pre-production for the remaining shoot days.

All this means is that I'm never REALLY prepped to go into production by the time we start shooting. I'm MAYBE prepped to shoot that first day. ;-)

Chance Shirley said...

I was still doing pre-prod on Interplanetary a year after we started "production." Ah, the joys of weekend shooting.