Friday, March 12, 2010

Guitar Friday IV

The THD Flexi-50 is known as a very touch-sensitive amp. It's about $2000. The 65 Soho is about $2500 in a head configuration. Buddah Dual Stage 30 amps. Valvetech amps -- the VAC is about $1200. The Two Rock Opal amp. It's five thousand bucks.
Pierson makes a Bassman clone. It's gonna run you something like $2400.
Victoria 45410 is their Bassman clone. It's nigh on $2800.

Louis Electric makes their JTM45 in both a "Bluesbreakers" configuration and in a head. I'm not sure how much the head is, I can't find prices for it anywhere.

Still? Metropoulos GPM45. As soon as Blair buys my camera. Well sure, I'm going to check it out first at the New York Amp show in June. (I'm dreading going. I'm going to have earplugs.) Maybe there's some secret magical amp what has beautiful touch sensitivity for less money that I'll want. We'll find out!

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