Monday, March 08, 2010

GH1 Test Part II

Here's a test of the GH1. The camera man gets into a spat with the producer. Eventually a sniper takes the producer out. (I recognize this is every screenwriter's fantasy.)
  • First up is the standard "FHD" mode. Shutter speed of 50.
  • Then, we try it with a shutter speed of 200.
  • Then, we go for a test at "HD" mode, but in the same timeline as the other footage. We put some cartoon-y 2D blood splats in just to see what it looks like. Note that we aren't putting splats behind the head like we would in the finished movie.
What I'm not seeing in this test is very much "jello cam" rolling shutter artifacts. Most of the artifacts have to do with Vimeo's compression. I think this means we're just going to shoot the action scenes in the movie straight up. Same as ever.

Shutter Tests with the GH1 from Ralph Boswell on Vimeo.


Cunningham said...

I didn't get past, "Eventually a sniper takes the producer out."

Seriously though:

How about a shutter speed of less than 50? Possible? (I don't know and I'd have to look it up)

It looks (based on the staging) that you're trying to emulate some of the stuff in the Bourne films. Is this a fair assessment?

Andrew Bellware said...

The GH1 can actually do a slower than 50 shutter speed. I suspect that a "25" would be as though you had, somehow, a 360 degree shutter on a film camera.

Really we were just trying to be as cruel to the GH1 as possible, to make it break up and jelly like crazy. I bet if I weren't using its stock stabilized lens it would have. I wasn't really thinking about Bourne. I was thinking about Mutant Chronicles (which is probably a bad thing to think about but man that movie LOOKED great.)

Laura, Queen of Mars said...

Oh ha ha. Very funny.

Andrew Bellware said...

If you want really funny look around for Laura's experiment with squibs where she gets sprayed in the face with fake blood! That one's a hoot! ;-)