Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Conversation That Didn't Happen

As far as you know.

Drew, why is the schedule so weird?

Do you mean why are we shooting in bits and pieces for the first two days?

Yes, the schedule seems pretty sparse for a 12 - day shoot.

You noticed that we don't really have a crew, haven't you?

Isn't that what Tom Rowen is for?

Well yeah, but I ended up casting him in the movie instead.

That means he's going to pull down his pants in front of me, doesn't it?

He's already done it once on this shoot. Almost blinded a civilian.

So what exactly are we shooting? How many takes are we doing? Where is Maduka?

We're shooting the whole movie with good, clean, coverage. We're doing 42 takes. Maduka is helping his cousin produce another feature so he's going to be going back-and-forth.

42 takes? You never shoot more than 3 takes. What are you doing?

The 42 takes are all closeups of you.

That's ridicul... why 42 takes of me? OMG. What's wrong with me that you need to shoot so many takes of me?

It's because you're very, very beautiful. I never want to take the lens off of you.

You know that flattery is just empty. You're never getting anywhere with it.

That's how beautiful you are.

Really? Oh. My... well then... WAIT.
Are you talking to me, or to that Nat Cassidy again?

You aren't Nat?


Well, Nat is very pretty.

Yeah. Sigh. I guess you're right.

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Nat said...

Oh, Mr. Bellware, you make me feel like a natural woman.