Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mind Controlled Zombies

Today David Ian Lee and I went out to get a couple shots. We're in Red Hook and we drive by these perfect pieces of graffiti for the end of the movie where he reads the letter to himself.
I gave away my last copy of Blake Snyder's Save the Cat (again.) It's the last book on screenwriting you'll ever need if you also know about Blake's Five Point Finale.
In and amongst other things we have to make a DVD commentary for Clonehunter as well as an outtakes reel (although I think Maduka or maybe David Frey pointed out there's not that much which is funny outtakes because as loose as we seem to be we're pretty focused once camera is running). We're also going to have to have an interview with the director. Er. Me. So I need some good questions. And some better answers.


Kangas said...

I find the best interview questions to be, in no particular order:

Why are you such a tool?

How much cocaine is too much on a 16 hour shoot day?

Which one on the casting couch first? Blonde, brunette, or redhead?

Pronounce Eisenstein.


Andrew Bellware said...

1. It's my job.
2. I know how much too little is.
3. We prefer the bottle blondes and fake redheads. Androids. Combat issue -- 9N402 models, if we can get one.
4. "Spielberg."